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Psychic Distance Healing uses the highest energies available to mankind. The most powerful healing is able to work on many levels and get the results you need. New Paradigm Healing is fast safe and one of the best complimentary therapies you can use. It is Multi Dimensional Transformation (formerly known as Shamballa MDT)

How New Paradigm MDT Healing can help you:

All matter consists of energy. So the cause of disease is energetic imbalance on some level. I specialize in distance energy healing on all 352 levels of dimension.

* Totally balances you
* Resolves emotional blocks and releases repressed feelings
* Gives you back confidence that you lost. Increases self-confidence
* Reinforces the the body's natural healing ability
* Assists physical healing after any kind of surgery
* Helps you on your spiritual journey and will increase your intuition
* Heightens your self-awareness, your creativity and strengthens your vitality
* Reinforces the immune system and helps remove toxins from the body
* Improves relationships with others
* Will let you live more consciously
* Helps newborns that cry too much
* Helps children that don't sleep well
* Helps autistic children
* Is a valuable addition to the treatments of Cancer and Aids patients
* Helps to get a good nights sleep
* Helps over-sensitive children (New-Age children)
* Recommended for people who are having difficulty with their paranormal feelings
* Helps to develop your Psychic Abilities
* Helps in processing the loss of loved ones, divorce, incest and other traumatic experiences.

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