Terms & Policies

Terms & Conditions

Please be as specific as possible when requesting one of the services as this will give you a much better quality answer.  In order to keep prices as low as possible you should be aware that I will not enter into a correspondence concerning the reply you got. If you do want to enter into extended discussions then opt for the live chat.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of my services provided here, there can be no refunds.


Chat time is precious. Please keep in mind that others are waiting so I cannot keep a line open for you if you do not have a specific question.

All the advice given here is to the best of my knowledge and is usually based on plain common sense. It is up to you to follow it or not. It should feel ok to you. After all, I do try to let you have a look outside of your comfort zone – a new paradigm if you want to give it a name – and new ideas are not always that easy.