Dream Interpretation

Throughout time, dreams have held a deep fascination for people the world over. The mystery of dreams and what those vividly colorful visions are meant to convey have had an enrapturing effect on us since the time of the ancients when nearly every culture had a wise woman, oracle, or gifted member of the community who was revered as the one possessing enigmatic wisdom into dream insight. Normally, for the ordinary dreamer of today, the nightly ebbing and flowing of the endless tide of seemingly unrelated images most often present a confusing influx of nonsensical visuals which, more times than not, leave the individual to ponder what they all mean.

Dream Fragments

Some dreamscape images can be so vivid that they remain strongly imprinted in the forefront of the dreamer’s mind for hours or days at a time. These exceptionally vibrant fragments call to the consciousness for attention. They refuse to be ignored, put aside, or regarded as irrelevant. They have a way of rudely intruding on our thoughts and unexpectedly reappearing before our mind’s eye at the most inopportune times during our daily routine. They continually strive to catch our eye or bend our ear toward their whispered message in an attempt to get in our face and say: “Hey! This is really important! You need to know about this! You need to give this attention!